Executive team

Garth Rossler, M Comm CA (SA) CFA

Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer

Garth joined Maple-Brown Abbott in 1997 and was appointed as a director in July 1999. He was appointed as the Managing Director in July 2009. Garth is also the Chief Investment Officer and his responsibilities include equities analysis and portfolio management.

Dougal Maple-Brown, B Ec LLB (Hons) F FIN CFA

Head of Australian Equities

Dougal joined Maple-Brown Abbott in 2001 and was an executive director from July 2009 to October 2018. He is currently a portfolio manager and equities analyst. Prior to joining Maple-Brown Abbott, Dougal worked in a national law firm and at an international investment bank.

Geoff Bazzan, B Bus ( Hons ) CFA

Head of Asia Pacific Equities

Geoff joined Maple-Brown Abbott in 1995. He was appointed as an executive director in July 2008. His responsibilities include equities analysis and portfolio management for Australia and Asia Pacific ex-Japan portfolios. He is also responsible for overseeing the international portion of our multi-asset portfolios.

Andrew Maple-Brown, B Eng B Comm M App Fin CIM

Head of Global Listed Infrastructure

Andrew is the Managing Director of Maple-Brown Abbott Global Listed Infrastructure. Andrew has more than 17 years of experience in financing and investing in infrastructure assets and securities, having worked at Lend Lease for 5 years and then at Macquarie Group for over 11 years.

Richard Grundy, B Ec CA

Chief Operating Officer

Richard joined Maple-Brown Abbott in 1994. He was appointed as an executive director and Chief Operating Officer in July 2008. Richard has management responsibility for the operations of the firm and has staff responsibilities for the research team.

Christine Cameron, BA (Hons) Economics, Grad Dip App Fin, GAICD

Head of Institutional & Strategic Relationships

Christine joined the company in 2013 as Head of Institutional Strategy & Client Relationships. Christine is responsible for growing and developing Maple-Brown Abbott’s institutional client base, as well as managing ongoing relationships with clients and asset consultants in our Australian, Asia Pacific and global listed infrastructure investment capabilities. Christine has worked in the financial services industry for close on 30 years and held senior positions in institutional sales and service, consulting and product management with a number of leading companies. In her previous role, Christine was Managing Director, Institutional Sales at Russell Investments and was a member of their Senior Leadership Team.

Jo Morgan, B. Bus, M App Fin, F Fin, GAICD

Head of Marketing & Retail Strategy

Jo joined the company in 2013 as Head of Marketing and Retail Strategy. Jo is responsible for developing and managing Maple-Brown Abbott’s external image through brand, media and all facets of marketing and communications, along with being responsible for the development and management of the retail business strategy. Jo has nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and has held senior marketing positions in a number of leading companies.

Nisha Kaneyson, B Sc LLB

General Counsel

Nisha has been with Maple-Brown Abbott since February 2017. Prior to joining Maple-Brown Abbott, Nisha had considerable industry and regulator experience in funds management and financial services. Nisha’s primary role is the area of legal and regulatory compliance, including the review and preparation of offer documents and agreements, and advising on compliance with various government rules and regulations.

Dean Smedley, B.Comm CA CFA

Head of Investment Compliance & Company Secretary

Dean joined the Company as Head of Compliance in April 1998. Primary responsibilities are compliance with investment mandates, government rules and regulations and internal policies and procedures. Since 1 July 2008, Dean is also Company Secretary. Prior to joining Maple-Brown Abbott, Dean had considerable experience in funds management (middle office) and auditing, both in Australia and overseas.

Rudy Haryanto, B.E Comp Eng., MBA

Head of Information Technology

Rudy Haryanto joined the company in 2000. He was appointed as Head of Information Technology in February 2010. He is responsible for managing the IT infrastructure and the in-house investment management system. Prior to joining Maple-Brown Abbott, Rudy worked in IT consulting firms and investment management firms in Singapore and USA.

David Shuetrim, B.Bus CPA

Head of Operations

David joined the Company in 1995 as an Investment Accountant. He is the Head of Operations and has management responsibility of Investment Accounting & Investment Administration. Prior to joining Maple-Brown Abbott, David was an Investment Accountant for an Investor Directed Portfolio Service owned by CUSCAL.