Maple-Brown Abbott Australian Equity Trust

The Fund is an actively managed fund that invests in listed (and to be listed) Australian equities, and other funds we manage.

The Fund is a diversified portfolio constructed from the highest conviction opportunities which we expect to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns over the long-term. The Fund invests across a broad universe of Australian companies and typically holds between 25–40 stocks.

Our value-based investment philosophy underlies our approach to stock selection, driven by in-depth analysis from our expert team of investment professionals. We use our bottom-up research process to maximise the opportunities to deliver income and long-term capital growth to our investors.

Investment objective

The Fund aims to outperform the S&P/ASX 300 Index (Total Return), after fees, over a four-year period.

Fund facts
Inception date31/12/1992Distribution frequencyQuarterly
BenchmarkS&P/ASX 300 Index (Total Return)Minimum initial application$ 5,000,000
APIR codeMPL0002AUManagement costs %0.39
Pricing frequency & cut-offDaily / 2pm Sydney time on a Business DayBuy/Sell spread %0.19/0.19

Fund benefits

Investment expertise

The Fund is managed by a dedicated and experienced team of Australian equity specialists.

Investment growth and distributions

The Fund aims to deliver long term capital growth, along with the potential to receive quarterly distributions.

High conviction and benchmark unaware

We seek to construct a portfolio of our highest conviction opportunities without reference to any underlying benchmark.

Portfolio managers

Garth Rossler
Chief Investment Officer
Dougal Maple-Brown
Head of Australian Equities

Fund performance^

as at 30/11/2021

1 mth %3 mths %1 yr % p.a.3 yrs % p.a.4 yrs % p.a.5 yrs % p.a.Since inception % p.a.*

^Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. No warranty can be given for future performance. Returns are volatile and may fluctuate quickly and significantly. Total return is based on the movement in net asset value per unit plus distributions and is before tax and after all fees and charges. Imputation credits are not included in the performance figures.
Source: Maple-Brown Abbott and S&P
* Inception Date is 31 December 1992.

Unit price

as at 07/12/2021

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Redemption priceNet asset valueApplication price
$ 0.9003$ 0.9020$ 0.9037
DateCents per unitReinvestment priceDiv 12-H summaryTaxable component summary
30/09/20214.6658 ¢$ 0.9085

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Proxy voting outcomes 

The table below shows how we have exercised our vote for Australian-listed shares held in the Maple-Brown Abbott Australian Equity Trust for FY2021. In accordance with our proxy voting policy we voted on all resolutions put to us for the year in question.

MeetingsResolutionsVoted ForVoted AgainstAbstained
Number 46303293100

The data above has been adjusted for shareholder sponsored resolutions. Of the 10 "against" votes, 60% related to remuneration, 10% related to the election of a Director and 30% related to other governance

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