Maple-Brown Abbott Australian Small Companies Fund

  • Clear investment philosophy that ‘earnings drive share price’ over the medium-term
  • Differentiated sustainability framework
  • Proprietary research focusing on non-consensus inputs
  • Focused investment process designed to create an ‘all weather portfolio’ comprised of stocks that rank highly on our earnings, sustainability and risk measures
  • Managed by passionate and experienced portfolio managers with a proven track record

The Fund is an actively managed fund that is primarily invested in companies listed (or expected to be listed) on an Australian securities exchange which, at the time they are first invested, are not included in the S&P/ASX 100 Index and have a minimum market capitalisation of $100 million.

We identify undervalued companies where we have conviction in medium-term earnings delivery and that are supported by sustainable business models. Given the breadth of the Australian small companies market, we believe companies with this profile can be found at any point in the market cycle.

The portfolio managers have a proven and repeatable investment process, focused on in-depth fundamental research at the company level.* This approach is designed to create a portfolio of compelling high conviction ideas for our investors.

We typically hold 30–50 stocks which score well on combined earnings-based valuation and sustainability measures, with the focus on diversification and stock specific risk management.

How would the Fund suit clients’ investment portfolios?

The Fund is likely to be appropriate for investors who are seeking capital growth with an investment horizon of at least five years, a very high risk tolerance and are comfortable with the risks associated with investing in small companies.

Investment objective

The Fund aims to outperform the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries (Total Return) Index, after fees, over a five-year period.

* The past performance and experience of the portfolio managers was achieved managing a different fund with substantially the same investment strategy as the Fund. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Fund facts
Inception date24/06/2022Distribution frequencyAnnually
BenchmarkS&P/ASX Small Ordinaries (Total Return) IndexMinimum initial application$ 20,000
APIR codeMPL1241AUManagement costs %1.10Performance fee^ 15% of the Fund’s outperformance of the Benchmark
Pricing frequency & cut-offDaily/2pm Sydney time on a Business DayBuy/Sell spread %0.25/0.25

^Additional fees and costs may also apply in relation to an investment in the Fund. For a full description of the fees and costs refer to the Product Disclosure Statement and Additional Information Booklet for the Fund.

Portfolio managers

Phillip Hudak
Co-Portfolio Manager, Australian Small Companies
Matt Griffin
Co-Portfolio Manager, Australian Small Companies

Unit price

as at 30/06/2022

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Redemption priceNet asset valueApplication price
$ 1.0009$ 1.0034$ 1.0059

Forms & fund information

As the Fund has not been in existence for a full financial year (as at 24 June 2022), the performance fee estimate in the PDS is based on the track record achieved by the portfolio managers in managing a fund with substantially the same investment strategy as the Fund.

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